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"Lucky 13" - Somewhere over the Netherlands - September 17th 1944

This was a level that I worked on from start to finish.  The bomber plane itself was a Treyarch asset that we downsized by the project art lead.  I made some texture refinements and pre-lit the inside of it.  The environment outside the plane was exclusively my work.  The thing I am showing in this clip was the collaboration between myself and a FX artist, and scripter, to visually simulate the feeling that the player's plane is temporarily falling away and losing altitude.  But what is actually happening is that the plane that the player is in is stationary, for physics overhead considerations, and its the outside environment that is tilting and the plane flying next to the player's plane is scaling down and pealing away a bit.  This is an example of the kind of innovative problem solving that I have become known for, by my former team members.



These screen shots in Maya show only a few components that made up "Lucky Thirteen", because there were so many script driven events tied directly into the environmental elements, much of the level had to be pulled together in the game as FX files so that function nodes could be set up to interface with Lua script. The Maya screen shot on the right shows the sky environment geometry, which encompassed the players plane, left.