"Operation Market Garden" - Nijmegen, Netherlands - September 20th 1944

This level depicts the Market Garden campaign from the other side of the Nijmegen river in Holland, from the previous level shown as "Nijmegen II".  This also encompassed the research I had done for the area depicted in the previous mission.  I also initially white boxed this level, and I then passed the level off to another environment artist under my direction.  Much of the levels foundation that I established remained intact.  The most significant changes to this level made by the other environment artist, was the arting of various bunker facilities and interiors added through out the level.  What I am showing in the clip is my animated river water and bridge in the distance that is set against one of my more dramatically stormy, animated skies.  The notable thing about these skies is that they are made up of just two 128 x128 pixel resolution textures.  The bridge was an important element in tying in a common theme and goal across three different "Operation Market Garden" centric missions.


(This is a screen shot in Maya from the vantage point of the video clip above)

(This a screen shot in Maya of the level in it's entirety.)