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"Operation Infatuate" Walcheren Islands, Netherlands October 31st 1944

This is a level that I originally didn't start, however, do to a re-design to shorten sightlines for performance considerations, I found myself assigned to re-work the level.  We used the concept of wrecked trains among mounded dirt from an allied bombing raid to define compartmentalized spaces for a chain of fighting arenas.  I work with the lead level designer to establish the layout and then modeled, textured and lit the level.  I added the steam at the bottom of bomb caters for extra movement to complement dynamically animated skydome.  I should note that another environment artist did a second pass for beta, he added geometry detail to the box cars, updated the textures on the box care slats  and replaced a mud texture for the terrain.  Also on average, at least half of the textures that we used we received from Treyarch Studios. Some of our props were also from Treyarch that we down sized.  The thing I like about this level are the reveals between spaces.  When you come over the ridge and move across the wrecked rail care you are at an elevated vantage point.  This allows you as the player to survey the battlefield before moving in, and plot out your path to move from cover to cover.


(This is a screen shot in Maya from the vantage point of the video clip above)

(This a screen shot in Maya of the level in it's entirety.)