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"Operation Plunder" - Wesel Germany - March 23rd 1945

As an extra side project to my lead duties I created every aspect of this multi-player map from picking the the location to the level / gameplay design to the modeling, texturing and animating with the exception of the  particle FX fire and steam.  The majority of the texture samples below are textures that I created.  The result was a clean, polished level in terms of consistent texel resolution across the meshes, seamless texture blending, dramatically defined vertex lighting and a thoughtfully controlled color scheme.



Above left, are all the textures used to make the level.  To maximize memory, re-purposing of the same textures for different applications throughout the level was done to mitigate the number of textures needed.

Above center, shows the level in it's entirety.

Above right, is a screen shot of the level in wireframe.  I have visually called out in red outlined, shaded mode, what is referred to as the navmesh.  The navmesh is a geometry mesh that defines for the computer AI where it can and cannot go.  For this particular game the navmesh was also used for the AI's terrain collision for performance reasons.