The  Official "Lord of the Rings: 'Tactics'" Trailer


Dispersed throughout this promo video above are levels that I created.  One of the more notable accomplishment in the creation of these levels, is that while many games on the PSP have up to 12 MB for their memory budget on levels, myself and another environment artist optimized all the levels in the game to fit within 700 KB, while still maintaining a certain level of quality and quantity.  I touched many of the levels in the game to varying degrees, some were just cleanup and polish on modeling, UV, and lighting fixes do to retro-active design changes and bug fixing, other levels I had heavier involvement from conception to completion.  Below are a handful of examples from the many  levels that I worked on for this game.  Some level sections feature more material then others due to availability of source material during the time of compiling the data together.  Some levels featured will only show in-game screen shots, while others have Maya screenshots and texture palettes displayed.