Creating Levels for the Elemental Engine



NDA NDA NDA NDA NDA NDA NDA NDA which gives us the flexibility to set up our levels in many different ways. However, freedom without standards in level structure methods can hinder productivity. The reason for this is because lack of standards can create confusion and unpredictability in asset management among co-workers, which can then lead to repeatedly fixing stability issues and wasting time combing through a sea of random nodes to try and find the things that you want to edit.

The following sections will outline standards and procedures of the how’s and why’s of structuring a level. Since the focus will be primarily level organization and work flow, step-by-step, detailed how-to’s concerning Elemental and Maya processes related to level creation will be found through links to separate tutorial sections as subject matter presents itself in context to organizing and managing assets.

The important things to remember about organizing your level assets are consistency and easy-to-track, self-explanatory labeling. This may seem like more work in the early stages of development, but it will make things noticeably easier to edit as you get deeper into the project, especially if you inherit someone else’s level and they have followed the same standards.

It is recommended you finish reviewing both the folder and file structure sections first before focusing on other tangents related to step-by-step how-tos so that you better retain how different level components work together for the common purpose of creating a fully functioning level.

At the end of the “File Structure” section are visual diagrams, as well as a link to a template with the folder and file structure containing a skeleton of the node hierarchy and basic connections you will need for your level. This does not preclude the need to read the following sections, as you will still need to understand what everything is and why it is done the way it is.

Level Folder Structure

All level folders for every Elemental project have the following file path: NDA NDA NDA NDA NDA NDA NDA NDA

(Note: there should never be spaces in a folder’s name or file. Instead replace spaces with underscores, otherwise you will be unable to create links to file paths. Also, for consistency and convenience for programming, scripting, doing searches, and manual level building through the command prompt, always name things all lower case.)


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