Thanks for taking the time to visit my site, I appreciate it. Someone once told me if you're not enjoying what you're doing then it's time to find something else to do. Fortunately for me, I do enjoy what I do, and that's making video games. I like the challenge and the diversity of tasks that come with being a 3D Artist.

I strive to expand my knowledge of the process of making video games among all positions, because it enables me to exploit those insights in performing my tasks more efficiently and effectively. I believe in putting forth the best effort I can into a project, because if you're not striving to do your best you're wasting time. I bring to a team what I call a "fox hole mentality" meaning that much like a soldier, I watch the back of my team mates by making sure I'm pulling my own weight and helping others out when they're struggling.


I bring over a decade of experience as a professional and nine plus years as a 3D Artist in the Video Game industry. In that time, I have come to realize that the single most important skill that a person can bring to a game development team, over any specific knowledge of a program or process, is the ability to adapt and learn new things quickly. As a 3D Artist my strengths are, learning new tasks quickly, analyzing and solving problems between the art and the game engine, and pushing the game engines limitations for the best visual presentation possible.